Frequently Asked Questions


How long will my goodies stay fresh and safe to eat?
  • Fort best quality, we recommend eating your treats within 5 days of receiving them. If you do not plan to eat your goodies within that time frame, you may store them in an airtight baggie/container in your freezer for up to 3 months.  


How should I store my treats?

  • Cookies can be stored at room temperature.  Cookies with fruit fillings are kept at best quality in the refrigerator.  Keep cookies in original heat-sealed bag, or you may put them in another airtight container of your choosing.  


How long will it take to ship/receive my order?

  • Since we are a small business, we are currently only offering "limited drops," which means we are only accepting pre-orders over a specific time frame. Once the window for pre-orders closes, we begin baking your cookies fresh right away and ship them out within a few days. In the meantime, after the window for pre-orders has closed, our website temporarily closes down so no more orders can be placed until the next cookie drop.  We thank you in advance for your support and patience!  We hope to eventually open up our website so that orders may be placed 24/7--one step at a time, for now, though!


Once an exclusive monthly flavor is gone, do you ever bring it back?

  • Yes! From time to time, we might bake limited quantities of exclusive flavors. Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram for notifications!


Can we buy your products in-person to avoid shipping costs? Do you deliver or allow local pick-up?

  • We do not offer local pick-up or delivery. However, we try our best to vend at various farmer's markets, festivals, expos, and other events in the local area where you may purchase our products in-person. See our "Events" page for more details.  


Do you accept special orders?  If so, what is the pricing?

  • Yes! We welcome any and all special orders. Our products are not limited to only cookies. We also bake cakes, cupcakes, gooey bars, brownie and blondie bars, and other sweet treats! We can also bake gluten-sensitive and vegan treats upon request. Pricing depends on the specifics of the order. For inquires, please email stuffdpittsburgh@gmail.com.